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    Brand New Site!

    Here We Go


    A massive production has just been released! The album ”Reggae Greats” and the EP (with additional dub) ”This is Reggae Music” recorded and released with Peacemountain.


    During the summer we worked together with Toontrack and the result is two magnificent products ”Reggae EZX ”and ”Reggae EZmix Pack”.

    R.I.P. Joseph Beckford

    Reggae legend and former Culture member Joseph Beckford past away this summer. During the early years of his career he worked with people like Lee “Scratch” Perry, Robbie Shakespeare and Leroy Sibbles (Heptones). A friend of his mother had a son named Joseph Hill, and the two of them used to improvise and practice together long before Joseph became a member of the Culture band, where he played trombone and sang backing vocals. Joseph was a close member in Rub-a-dub for several years. He showed up at many recordings and appeared at almost every concert at Club Rub-a-dub. Together with Internal Dread and Danne Markebäck, Joseph recorded several albums. Listen to the latest one ”Original” on Spotify. His voice will live on and we miss our friend and his ways with the broom in Rub-a-dub.

    Indrielle Was Here!

    Recording and mixing Indrielle. Backed up by the foundation of Liondub, Gävles’ finest! Soon to be released. Stay tuned!